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  • What is Diamond Blade?

    What is Diamond Blade?

    The diamond cutting blade comprises a substrate and a knife body. The substrate is provided with a convex leng along the outer edge of the disc, and the convex leng is distributed with a number of dovetail grooves along the circumference. An inverted dovetail convex wedg...
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  • Share common sense of diamond blades

    Share common sense of diamond blades

    In daily life, we don't often come into contact with diamond tools, so people are still relatively unfamiliar with it, but once we want to use it, we must understand the following common sense about diamond-coated tools.: 1.The difference between coatings Amorphous diam...
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  • Our Garden Tools

    Our Garden Tools

    When pruning your green dill, rose flowers, and roses; trim the branches and leaves of carrots, corn, and coriander in your vegetable garden; maintain the green lawn in the garden. If you just use your hands, it might make us look a little stupid. The garden tools makes ...
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  • Socket Wrench Tools We Need Know

    Socket Wrench Tools We Need Know

    Sockets are mainly used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts. Socket wrenches allow us to save more effort when working in the workshop. Usually, we can use socket wrenches for simple maintenance and replacement of tires in our famil...
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  • What are the hand tools and their uses

    What are the hand tools and their uses

    Hand tools are one of the most significant parts of our daily work. They were used for different kinds of working conditions which help us to complete various industries and application tasks, such as install, assemble, repair and maintain. By definition, hand tools, it’...
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