Custom Foam Inserts

Packaging foam is available in different materials, each with their own specific properties. Whether you are looking for a delicate yet secure appearance like polyurethane foam or a dense and tear-resistant solution like ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, we have a handful of selections that can package your products beautifully and effectively.

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Custom Branding

Elehand offers a full range of custom branding options for every product. Customization features will be saved to your documents. Customize your logo and patterns for a cohesive presentation experience for your business.

Custom Color

Our cases are able to be custom manufactured in any color for your business at a MOQ. The percentage of product-based brands going for custom packaging keeps increasing daily. Good custom packaging helps to market a product and improve sales. About 60% of shoppers who enter into your store are likely to go for attractive custom packages containing your product.


Custom Detailed Tools

Elehand offers customization of specific hand tools and accessories according to requirements of customers, including tools in different sizes, colors and materials. Moreover, diversified built-in packages, such as cushioning foam and toolbox, can also be customized in accordance with hand tool needs.

Custom On Multifunctional Tools

Such customers, in the past decade, have been met many times for Elehand. We have rich experiences in design, development, customization and mass-production of multi-functional tools according to the specific needs of customers and project construction, so as to meet customers' arduous tasks in different situations.