Clean Strip Disc assembled in a Fibre Backing Pad

Short Description:

Clean Strip Discs are made of improved nylon web fibers and silicon carbide abrasive grains.

Application in removing,blending and cleaning.

Great for removing paints,varnishes and sealants from difficult to reach surfaces.

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  • Lead Time: 30 days
  • Price: To be negotiated
  • MOQ: 500pcs
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    1.Clean Strip Discs are high conformability and provide a larger contact patch for faster removal rates.
    2.Fast cutting action with very little loading.
    3.Follow difficult part profiles.
    4.Quick cleaning and conditioning of surfaces.


    Blue purple orange and black Cleaner fiber discs to be used on variable speed angle grinders.

    Size :


    Modes of Transport:

    By sea,By air

    Clean Strip Discs application in rust,paint,weld.


    Place of Origin:JiangSu , China
    Package: 10Piece/shrink,100pcs/carton

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